lazy sunday

i'm supposed to be reading a book on jihadism, but instead i'm here, ready to please the masses with a brand new post.

feeling musical, like always.

Silver Cruiser - Röyksopp

Islands - The Xx

Nevermind - XV

manicmonday playlist

lemme make one thing clear: the 80s were not that cool. 80s parties aren't creative or fun. 80s fashion = notagoodlook. i'm just sayin'. and don't even get me started on the music or the movies. the only good things: madonna and michael jackson <33


Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Remix)

The Kooks - Kids (MGMT cover)

Xaphoon Jones - Testify (Radiohead vs Kanye West Ft. Lupe Fiasco)

Just Jack - Doctor Doctor (Fred Falke Remix)

The Bangz - We Jerkin'


hood staple #1

hood staples. pretty self-explanatory.

here we have TROPICAL FANTASY. according to wikipedia, the people behind the genius that is a 50 cent soda are located in BROOKLYN NY. oh yeah. bk, where you at? these people make over $2 million in sales every month. they've used minimal marketing, probably 'cause they're 50 CENTS and come in a whole bunch of delicious artificial flavors, they practically sell themselves. brings me back to the days of dollar slices and 50 cent drinks. holla back if you remember this!

so that's odd.

the politics of relationships. this goes out to my ladies! here's the 411:

there's something off about a man who feels the need to give you nice ass gifts right from the start.

my friend met a guy who turned out to be a rich music producer. he offered to buy her a bedroom set after finding out she sleeps on a futon. she's in law school. i think assumed she's a project chick who needs the help. LOL. he referred to her as his "cavalli chick". i would've died. C'MON SON. that's not cute. if i need a bed i can buy one, you don't need to do it for me.

rule number one - don't accept gifts (even though you might really be tempted) from men you just met. it's odd. they don't know you. they will think they own you, making you feel somehow indebted. my mom agrees.

new chiddy

Chiddy Bang is definitely bringing it with the release of their new mixtape, The Swelly Expresss. Their performance on our campus last year was well-attended and generally liked. They were animated, quick-witted, and entertaining, creating a unique style perfectly encapsulated by their innovative, but increasingly common, blend of hip-hop and electronica . So far my favorite Chiddy Bang song has been the remix they did of MGMT's Kids. I'm glad to see the Swelly Express following in the same vein. Any group who successfully makes Mary Poppin and Sufjan Steven sound hot is surely on their way to becoming a staple on any Hood Collegiate's iPod.

on point

Never - Chiddy Bang
All Things Go - Chiddy Bang
Kids (MGMT) - Chiddy Bang

clickhere to download The Swelly Express


photo courtesy of stephan sandoval

the hood collegiate
. reading while walking the streets of new york is a must.